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Pharmacy techThe term clinical pharmacy describes the work of pharmacists whose primary job is to interact with the health care team (physicians, pharmacists and other health care workers), interview and assess patients, make specific therapeutic recommendations, monitor patient responses to drug therapy and provide medicines information. Clinical pharmacists used to work primarily in hospitals and acute care settings and provided patient-oriented rather than product-oriented services. In today’s health care world, the pharmacy profession has evolved to the point at which clinical pharmacy with patient-focused practice is being incorporated into the regular day-to-day operations of your local pharmacy. We at Armstrong Pharmacy and Wellness Centre are providing these enhanced services to our patients, welcome to the future of pharmacy!

In patient-centred health care, the first challenges are to identify and meet the changing needs of patients. Pharmacists ensure that people can access medicines or pharmaceutical advice easily. They can empower patients by engaging them in conversation to communicate knowledge which enables them to manage their own health and treatment in the best possible way. The pharmacist can help patients to become accurately informed by offering relevant evidence-based information, counselling on disease prevention and lifestyle modification to promote personal health, while sharing decision-making on how to take medicines through a coordinated approach that will optimize health outcomes, reduce the number of medicine-related adverse events and improve adherence to medical treatment.

This model of the future of pharmacy sets out the guidelines for structured professional support to be provided by pharmacists, to improve and extend the range of pharmacy services available to patients, including identification of the individual’s pharmaceutical needs and development of support measures to aid patients in taking their medications. This includes coordination of repeat prescribing and dispensing processes, targeted treatment review and follow-up. This new framework for community pharmacy that is being implemented at Armstrong Pharmacy and Wellness Centre is key to delivering the vision of primary care in the future. This new community pharmacy model creates the time necessary for the pharmacist to reorient their services to meet patient expectations and maximize pharmacist potential to deploy their skills to better effect. The pharmacy’s practice now provides for essential, advanced and enhanced pharmacy services with a focus on quality and improved health outcomes for patients.

Clinical pharmacy requires an expert knowledge of therapeutics, a good understanding of disease processes and a knowledge of pharmaceutical products. In addition, clinical pharmacy requires strong communication skills with solid knowledge of the medical terminology, drug monitoring skills, provision of medicines information, therapeutic planning skills and the ability to assess and interpret physical and laboratory findings. The impact of clinical pharmacy services has been well documented in in-patient settings, ambulatory and community settings. The pharmacists at Armstrong have this expertise and can help you attain your health goals. Make an appointment today and start benefitting from the best in modern health care.