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Armstrong Pharmacy acknowledges the potential benefits of diagnostic products. Used properly, these products permit earlier detection of health problems and closer monitoring of existing conditions while also encouraging increased patient involvement in personal health. Used improperly, diagnostic products are of limited value and may even be detrimental to the patient’s health. Therefore, Armstrong Pharmacy stresses the role of the pharmacist in distributing diagnostic products and assisting the patient to understand the proper use of such products.

We also recognize the diagnostic role of the physician, and the role of other health-care personnel in conducting laboratory and diagnostic tests. The role of the pharmacist should complement and not interfere with the roles of other health-care personnel.

Contact one of our pharmacists for further information on lab tests and screening diagnostics.

Armstrong Pharmacy supports the use of these diagnostic products

Include, but are not limited to:

Cholesterol Testing Products

  • Cholestech LDX System

Urine Glucose Testing Products

  • Chemstrip UG 5000/k
  • Keto-Diastix
  • Labstix
  • Clinistix
  • Clinitest
  • Diastix
  • Tes Tape

Blood Glucose Testing Products

  • Chemstrip bG
  • Dextrostix
  • Visidex II
  • BM-Test-BG
  • Glucostix

Blood Glucose Testing Devices

  • Accucheck II
  • Glucoscan 3000
  • One Touch II

Pregnancy Test Kits

  • Answer Plus
  • Advance
  • Discover 2
  • Acu Test
  • Confidelle
  • Tespack hCG — Urine

Urine Ketone Test Kits

  • Chemstrip K
  • Ketostix

Other Test Kits

  • Hemastix — Blood in urine
  • Hematest — Blood in feces
  • Combistix — Protein, glucose, and pH in urine