10 simple ways of losing weight within just a week


Unfortunately, it happens so that extra centimeters don’t rush to leave you waist or thighs, even if you stick to a proper and healthy lifestyle.

We have found what the problem could be, and are about to tell you, what you have to do to start the ball rolling and make the hated kilograms melt faster than usual.

eating-breakfastFruits and vegetables that have a high water content will not only help quench your thirst, but will also cleanse your body of toxins by accelerating their excretion. It is a sure way to accelerate the weight loss process.

use-a-step-counterIt will strongly motivate you for longer and more frequent walks. If you will be able to see the number of steps you make every day, you will definitely want to set new records and overcome yourself by covering more and more kilometers.

This a sure way to stop using elevators, cars and, may be, even to opt for using a bicycle. The kilograms will not simply go away. They will melt like a cube of ice in a cup of hot tea.

sweat-moreSauna, steam bath, aerobic training – no matter how you do it, the main thing is that you do it. Sweat will help your body cleanse from toxins and excessive water with kilograms of weight.

keep-your-back-straightPerfect posture visually makes you thinner: your belly seems flatter, breasts look higher and the butt appears more toned. Such tricks are a precious asset to keep in mind.

never-miss-your-breakfastBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. It awakens the body and triggers the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. Metabolism accelerates, and calories stop depositing on the sides.

walk-before-dinnerA 10-20 minute walk will saturate the body with oxygen and reduce the risk of fat deposition. In addition, according to numerous studies, a small stroll before meals helps curbing hunger, since physical activity in the fresh air restores the sensitivity of brain cells, thus helping them better control their needs (including feelings of hunger and satiety).

reduce-the-amount-of-salt-intakeSalt, of course, is not the cause for the body fat increase, yet it is one of the key factors, why the scales periodically show the numbers that we don’t really enjoy. Excess of sodium chloride leads to water retention in the body, which creates a feeling of excessive weight. By eliminating salt from your diet for a few days, you may drop 1–1.5 kilos of this “unreal” weight, caused by water excess in the body.

eat-at-home-or-take-homemade-food-with-youThis habit is useful for you to learn controlling the amount of salt and sugar entering the body. When you buy food in a restaurant or a store, you may never be sure that it has been prepared according to the rules of your diet. Even if it’s just a salad.

start-the-meal-with-a-salad-or-soupThis simple maneuver will help reduce the amount of food consumed. After filling the stomach with a noncaloric salad or vegetable soup, you are guaranteed to eat less meat, potatoes or dessert.

plan-meals-and-always-keep-a-healthy-snack-close-at-handThe most hated enemy of slenderness and health is the harmful and unintended snacking. When we are hungry, nothing can stop us from eating another candy bar or a pack of chips. To avoid such moments, you need to carefully plan your diet, building it in a way that will not leave large gaps between the main meals. Healthy snacks will help you do this. You should always have them close at hand: vegetables, fruit, granola, and all the like.

Regular well thought over diet is not an extreme weight loss method, but a guarantee that all your binge eating in weekends may quickly disappear within one week due to the correct functioning of the digestive system and proper metabolism.