Today, obesity and overweight are some of the most topical problems of health systems in many countries around the world. The main reason for overweight is sedentary lifestyle and constant overeating.

If feeling of hunger torments you, if you have tried a variety of diets, but have failed to lose weight effectively, then Ionamin will help you.

Ionamin – is an effective anorectic drug used in the UK as a means for short-term treatment of alimentary obesity in adults and adolescents aged 12 years and older. The duration of drug therapy of obesity with Ionamin makes no more than 3 months.

Just one Ionamin capsule per day will help effectively

reduce appetite
blunt feeling of hunger
accelerate onset of saturation

There is no need to constantly count calories and monitor the amount of food eaten, to exhaust yourself with diets and physical activity. Ionamin will help to normalize appetite, forget about food for the whole day and to reduce overweight.

It is important to understand that Ionamin is a powerful anorectic prescribed to people with obesity or overweight, who cannot lose weight using conservative methods (exercise and hypocaloric diet).


If you have tried many different diets, go in for sport, but kilograms remain at the same level, do not lose hope and choose Ionamin.

Ionamin does not only help to believe in your forces, but also gives energy and self-confidence, encourages to achieve intended results.

At the UK pharmaceutical market, Ionamin is supplied in dosage strengths

15 mg oral capsules
30mg oral capsules

Ionamin capsules includes one of the most effective appetite suppressants Phentermine used in medicine for over 50 years.

Clinical studies of anorectic Ionamin have shown that application of this drug enhances release of hormone norepinephrine in certain parts of the brain that leads to decreased appetite and reduction of food consumption.

From the very first days of Ionamin application, you will stop fighting your eternal desire to eat something and you will easily stick to a low-calorie diet. As soon as you begin to do fitness (at least occasionally), you will notice how your body becomes slimmer.

Combining intake of Ionamin capsules with diet and exercise, you will be able to reduce your body mass by an average of 5-10% of the initial weight that leads to a noticeable improvement in quality of life.

However, be ready to that Ionamin affects each person differently. All results are individual for each patient and are based on his way of life, health state and physical activity.

Typically, one Ionamin 15mg capsule once a day is sufficient for effective appetite suppressant. In some cases, when Ionamin does not provide proper anorexigenic effect, the daily dose is increased to 30mg.

For effective and comfortable anti-obesity therapy without side effects, do not exceed the recommended doses of Ionamin.

Ionamin has helped tens of thousands of obese Britons safely reduce their body weight and raise vitality, so it will definitely help you. Start taking Ionamin today and you will be one day closer to your goal.