Advantages and disadvantages of Phentermine


Phentermine is one of the first diet drugs appeared on the international pharmaceutical market. Just as other medications, Phentermine has its advantages and disadvantages.

The mechanism of Phentermine action is to stimulate receptors in the person’s brain. Due to this, Phentermine suppresses feeling of hunger, and thus helps:

Reduce calorie intake
Reduce risk of improper diet
Effectively control appetite

Advantage of this action is that in this way Phentermine provides a gradual weight loss and helps to form correct eating habits. After completion of a course of Phentermine therapy, you will be much easier to follow a diet and keep your body in perfect shape.

Phentermine helps patients to lose weight quickly and safely without surgery or medical procedures, such as liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. Take tablets or capsules Phentermine and you will not have to use medical devices for weight loss, including:

Gastric band
Intragastric balloons
Electrical stimulation

Safety of Phentermine is confirmed by results of numerous clinical studies. This is another advantage of Phentermine over other diet drugs.


However, if used improperly, Phentermine can cause such CNS side effects, as dizziness or insomnia. Disadvantage of Phentermine is also that it is contraindicated for children under 12 years of age and pregnant women.

Due to its good tolerability and favorable safety profile, Phentermine has gained a wide popularity in the UK, Canada, Mexico and the United States. It is produced in several dosage forms and each form of Phentermine has its advantages:

Phentermine dispersible tablets provide therapeutic effect faster, and they can be taken without using water. Therefore, they can be convenient for patients who have difficulty swallowing resulting from a disease (stroke or dysphagia). In addition, use of dispersible tablets Phentermine reduces risk of suffocation.
Tablets and capsules Phentermine with modified release dissolve only under the influence of gastric juice. This dosage form of Phentermine provides clinical effect for a longer time than the conventional tablets and has a greater efficiency.

Another advantage of Phentermine is its high efficiency. Phentermine helps quickly get rid of excess fat deposits, even in cases if the patient fails to lose weight by means of other diet drugs or medical procedures.