How to choose a diet plan by your body type

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The main secret of an effective weight loss is the diet properly chosen for you, i.e. changing your eating habits to the ones that will help your body get rid of excessive kilos fast. How to switch to a healthy diet that will help slim your waist and thighs, and enhance the exercising effect? Our body type diet review will give you the answers to these questions and many more.

When you only start your fitness exercising for a quick weight loss, how to burn fat quickly from problem areas is the main issue you keep on searching the solution for. Get slim fast and easy is, in fact, what we all wish. Especially when we talk about burning fat effectively and rapidly on the hated sides, arms, abdomen, or the places that you personally dislike in your body.

Unfortunately, you should not expect that by loading the muscles of your problem zones you would manage to locally reduce fat layer thickness. The fast slimming results and more considerable decrease in fat deposits will be first obvious in parts of the body with initially lower fat content.

Yet, these are not always the places “where required”. The main guarantee of an effective weight loss is changing the nature of your nutrition to the one that will promote a fast weight loss, which also requires its own adjustments depending on the type of fat distribution in your body..

You’ve probably noticed how unevenly fat deposits are distributed in different people. If you don’t want to lose your time and pass body type tests or quizzes to choose the diet, we will carefully discuss body type diets for men and women below. There are three main types of fat distribution: android type, gynoid type and mixed body type. Losing weight efficiently may get easier, if you figure, how you should act, depending on your body peculiarities.

Android body type diet

Characteristics. This body type is characterized by fat deposits in the abdomen, back, arms, which creates a visual perception of such body by the shape of an apple. It is mostly seen in men, but women, fighting excessive kilos, also may have it.

This type of obesity needs radical weight loss measures, since it is the most dangerous in terms of long-term forecasts for the health. In this case, fat accumulates not only subcutaneously, but also inside the abdomen of obese people, as well as in the glands and around the internal organs, the so-called visceral fat. Danger to health of a person with excessive weight results from the fact that this kind of fat:

Is hormonally active
Causes metabolic imbalances
Disrupts metabolism
Increases the levels of female sex hormones in the male body
Is the possible cause of such serious diseases, diabetes, heart attack, stroke

A large quantity of hidden visceral fat may interfere with the function of internal organs by:

Increasing the pressure in the abdominal cavity
Negatively affecting the lungs
Disrupting the ventilation in the lower body divisions


The causes of obesity in people with this body type. Visceral fat depositions are caused by not medical reasons, but rather personal-social: overeating, lack of exercise, stress.

A women’s waist exceeding 81 cm, and a men’s – 91 cm means that the normal level of visceral fat is exceeded.

Solution. A harmonious slimming diet plan, balanced in calories, nutrients and a proper regime of food intakes is a basis for getting rid of visceral fat quickly. In no case should you give up breakfast. Complying with the following principles will help you lose weight fast and easy:

The diet should be arranged in such a way that the amount of protein is at least 1-1.5 grams per kilogram of body weight,
The calorie value of breakfast should make at least 35% of the daily energy intake,
Have dinner not later than 2.5 -3 hours before bedtime, and remember to prepare it from vegetables and protein, if you are seeking a fast slimming result.

Equally important for high weight loss results are the exercises, especially strength ones. This type of fat deposits is typical for men. The basal metabolic rate enhancement and a higher calorie expenditure in non-training days will be provided by the fast muscle mass increase due to this type of workouts.

Gynoid body type diet

Characteristics. Abnormal fat deposits in the buttocks, hips, and, less frequently, shins, is called gynoid. Women have this body type more often, than men do. The body of such people is shaped like a pear.

The causes of obesity. The causes of this pear-shape fat depositing type are:

  • hormonal imbalance
  • high content of female sex hormones
  • overeating
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • genetic predisposition.

Solution. Of course, proper eating behavior that provides an efficient weight loss stands on the first place in the effective fight against obesity. Daily calorie consumption should be built in such a way that 60-65% of it are allocated for a breakfast, a light lunch, a hearty lunch, an afternoon snack and then, finally, at least 35% for a hearty but healthy dinner. Your dinner must consist of two main components:

A salad of fresh vegetables (the more different vegetables in a salad, the more microelements, vitamins and fiber the body gets)
A protein-containing product (lean meat, turkey, chicken breast, seafood, rabbit).

If you have the gynoid body type and decided to fight obesity, fish should be included in your menu at least 2-3 times a week. You may eat both fat fish, which is the source of powerful antioxidants, and “wild”, which is less caloric, but contains a lot of protein, important for a quick weight loss and building the muscle mass. Daily diet should be strictly controlled for fat.

Avoid foods with obvious inclusions of fat (some varieties of sausages, bacon, ham, etc.). The product already has enough invisible fat. Weight loss plan may have certain restrictions, which must be approached with responsibility. Complete rejection of fat is unhealthy and will deprive you of the energy source.

People with gynoid body type trying to lose weight are also recommend to consult endocrinologist. You may be asked to pass some examinations. This is very important for excluding potential health problems. Excessive weight in your abdomen area already might have altered your endocrine system quite seriously.

Strength workouts on legs and buttocks are indispensable for people of with gynoid body type, if they want to get a slim body fast. These large muscles expend a lot of energy during work. They will help you lose weight fast. Cellulite or lipodystrophy are though the problems, possible in a fast body fat reduction.

Mixed body type diet

Characteristics. The most common type of obesity is mixed. People, requiring weight loss measures, have excessive fat distributed throughout the body relatively uniformly. In people with mixed body type, the risk is high of not noticing a substantial increase in body fat, because visually the body changes insignificantly.


The causes of obesity. It is fair to say that the mixed body type of obesity is uniquely associated with overeating. Fighting it is something you should seriously consider. First of all, think, what place you give to food in your life.

For the mixed body type, the main weight gain causes are not the genetic predisposition and hormonal status. The metabolism of people with such body type is usually normal.

Solution. People with the mixed obesity type for an effective weight loss should adhere to the balanced diet principles:

  • I know what I eat,
  • I know when I eat,
  • I know how much eat,
  • I know why I eat.

Following these rules will provide a 70% success rate in the fight against obesity. Recommendations include:

  • split meals,
  • eat preferably five times a day,
  • the main meal is lunch, (at least 35% of the daily calorie intake).

Dinner is also important for the formation of glycogen, which will be used by the mixed type body during the night to supply the vital functions. People with this type of obesity should carefully monitor the balance of liquid, the total volume of which must be at least 3% by weight.

In addition to fast weight loss results, speeding up the metabolism, increasing muscle strength and overall endurance may be achieved through the combination of strength and cardio trainings. Another 30% of success in reducing body fat are the results of regular exercise.