Branded Phentermine

branded phentermine

What is a brand name of Phentermine? Under what brand names is Phentermine available in different countries? In this review, you will get answers to these and some other questions.

Branded names of Phentermine are original names of anorectic drugs that are protected by international patent law. Brand recognition gives pharmaceutical companies a competitive advantage and allows to increase sales volume of Phentermine on the international market.

Today, every branded drug has an approved generic name. However, not every pharmaceutical company seeks to supply its drugs under the branded name.

Phentermine is not an exception. Today, Phentermine supplier in the UK is only one company – Typharm Limited. This company promotes Phentermine in the UK under the brand name Ionamin.

More than 10 pharmaceutical companies, including InvaGen, Sandoz, Avanthi, Teva and Sun (India) supply Phentermine in the United States. Pharmaceutical companies Avanthi and Teva supply Phentermine under the brand names:


Lomaira is a new branded anorexigenic drug, which includes low dose of Phentermine 8mg. Lomaira 8mg tablets were approved in September 2016 only in the USA, but in the UK – are not yet available.

Lomaira has passed a rigorous process of FDA approval, but has not yet gone on sale. Information about start of retail sales of Lomaira is not yet available, but most likely it will appear on the shelves of US pharmacies in the first half of 2017.

adipex bottle pills

Adipex is a best-seller among drugs for weight loss. Adipex has been sold since 1980, all experts on obesity treatment and majority of people, who treated this disease, know about this drug.

It should be noted that drug Qsymia, which also contains Phentermine, is also available for sale. However, it includes one more active ingredient – Topiramate. Therefore, this appetite suppressant cannot be called generic of Adipex or Lomaira

In the UK, Qsymia pills are not sold, but it is possible that in the coming years they will be approved by the MHRA and will be sold at British pharmacies. In the European region and UK, the manufacturer of Qsymia plans to sell these slimming pills under the brand name Qsiva.

Over the past half-century, dozens of different branded Phentermine-containing diet pills, including Suprenza, Fastin, Obestin, Oby-Trim, Ona-Mast, Tora and Wilpo were available on the international pharmaceutical market. Only Ionamin pills are sold in the UK today, while others Phentermine-containing weight loss drugs are not available.

In Australia, New Zealand and some other countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Phentermine is known under the trademarks:

Umine Timed Caps

These branded appetite suppressants are available on the market for several decades and are very popular in their region like Ionamin in the UK.

If you want to buy Phentermine on online pharmacy, it will probably be sold under different brand names. In general, online pharmacies specialize in selling of tablets and capsules for weight loss that are supplied at the pharmaceutical market under the generic name Phentermine Hydrochloride.